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This welcome is gone, and I've waited long enough.

Title: Your Winter
Genre: Standalone. Pure fluff.
Rating: PG 13. It's pretty innocent.
Summary: The numbers rolled around to 2:00am, and the alarm clock on your cell phone sounded. I was a little confused, I must admit, and I reached over you, for your phone so it didn't wake you up.
Disclaimer: All the events that happened in this story are based off of something that actually happened. Not to Benji and Joel, as far as I know, but to me. So I own the plot, but not the boys.
Dedication: Kwen (rememberbefore), for being my super amazing beta, and for giving me a title.


I laid there, watching you sleep. It had been a few hours since you'd passed out, and god, you were gorgeous. I'd always play it off as if I was reading, whenever you woke up, but I know you always saw right through it. I was only ever half paying attention to the novel, at the best of times.

I rolled over and glanced at the clock on the bedside table. 1:48am. You'd been asleep since about nine. Early, even for you. I know you like your sleep though, so I didn't mind. I'd be awake for a few hours yet, for sure. Sleeping disorders run in the family. Fortunately, you got bypassed, but I was bitten by the insomnia bug years ago.

I looked around the tiny space I called my apartment. You had taken the smart route and moved into a decent sized house with friends. But I was far too independent for that. I had to have my own space. It was small, but it was mine. And yours, of course. You've always been welcome to anything I've got. You said you liked it better here, anyway. Just the two of us. This was your first time staying over since I moved in, and although I know your roommates would start to suspect something if you stayed for too long, I didn't ever want you to leave. 1:59.

The numbers rolled around to 2:00am, and the alarm clock on your cell phone sounded. I was a little confused, I must admit, and I reached over you, for your phone so it didn't wake you up.

"Benj?" Too late.

"It's okay, babe. Go back to sleep." You were always so cute when you first woke up. Disoriented and blurry-eyed, now was no different from any other time.

You nodded in response, but got up anyway. "I hafta pee."

I rolled my eyes and smiled, and settled in deeper under the covers. I leaned my head back against the pillow in hopes that I would suddenly be tired. No such luck. A minute or so later, you emerged, wearing your coat.

"C'mon,” was all you said. I didn't question, I just got up and threw on my pants and a hoodie, and followed you to the front door where I slipped into my shoes.

"Joel…?" I started to question. You just smiled at me and took my hand, leading me outside.

The snow was coming down pretty heavily, and I blinked as my eyes adjusted to the blanket of white. You held my hand as we wordlessly walked over to the sidewalk. This was the first time you'd held my hand outside, and it was incredible. For once, we didn't have to worry about my neighbours watching through the curtain, or seeing someone we knew on the street.

We walked for awhile, and to be honest, I had no idea where we were going, or even how we got there, but you seemed to know, so I didn't question it. We reached the top of the hill, and I stopped.

The snow made the sky appear grey, and the streetlights down the hill reflected off the tiny flakes, making it look as if a million tiny diamonds were falling from the sky. I pulled you closer, and wrapped my arms around your waist. Always the taller one, you rested your chin on top of my head.

"Love you, Benj."

I smiled and wrapped my arms around you tighter. "Love you too, Joel."

That was the first time you'd ever told me that. I'd said it for the first time a week or so ago. It had been one of those scenes out of a movie that couldn't have been made more perfect if we'd tried.

And you replied with "I know". Talk about a blow to the ego. But none of that mattered anymore. Because you had said it. And you meant it.

I leaned up and kissed you softly, smiling as I did, and I swear I could feel you smiling too. I took your hand and laced my fingers through yours as we walked back down the hill. I love the winter.

"I knew you'd still be awake," you said after a few minutes passed without any noise except the snow under our feet and the occasional car in the distance. I just looked at you, confused, waiting for you to continue.

"The alarm. I set it. I knew you'd still be awake. And I knew it was going to snow, and you love the winter."

By that time, we had reached the front door of my apartment. I turned to face you, and kissed you once more before unlocking the door. Wordlessly, you smiled, and followed me inside.
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